The European database of L1-HS retrotransposon insertions in humans

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Study ID   Stewart2011
Stewart, C., Kural, D., Stromberg, M.P., Walker, J.A., Konkel, M.K., Stutz, A.M., Urban, A.E., Grubert, F., Lam, H.Y., et al. (2011) A comprehensive map of mobile element insertion polymorphisms in humans. PLoS Genet, 7, e1002236.
Pubmed:   PMID:21876680

In this study two whole-genome datasets produced by the 1000GP - the low coverage pilot dataset consisting of 179 individuals sequenced to 1-3X coverage and the trio pilot dataset consisting of two family trios sequenced to high- 15-40X coverage were analyzed. These datasets included samples from three continental population groups- 60 samples of European origin (CEU)- 59 African (YRI)- and 60 Asian samples from Japan and China (CHBJPT). The two pilot datasets were produced and analyzed for complementary purposes. The trio dataset was used for assessing detection methods in high coverage samples and for the purpose of finding candidate de novo insertions in the trio children. The high coverage dataset was used to assess population properties of MEI. Both datasets contributed to the overall catalog of events.

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