The European database of L1-HS retrotransposon insertions in humans

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Study ID   Evrony2012
Evrony, G.D., Cai, X., Lee, E., Hills, L.B., Elhosary, P.C., Lehmann, H.S., Parker, J.J., Atabay, K.D., Gilmore, E.C., et al. (2012) Single-neuron sequencing analysis of L1 retrotransposition and somatic mutation in the human brain. Cell, 151, 483-496.
Pubmed:   PMID:23101622

In this study genome-wide L1 insertion profiling of 300 single neurons from cerebral cortex and caudate nucleus of three normal individuals was done, recovering >80% of germline insertions from single neurons. While authors found the somatic L1 insertions, they estimate <0.6 unique somatic insertions per neuron, and most neurons lack detectable somatic insertions, suggesting that L1 is not a major generator of neuronal diversity in cortex and caudate. Authors then genotyped single cortical cells to characterize the mosaicism of a somatic AKT3 mutation identified in a child with hemimegalencephaly. Single-neuron sequencing allows systematic assessment of genomic diversity in the human brain.

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